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Services we offer.

CMS Development

We are specialised in developing custom solution for Sitefinity and Orchard.

Software Development

We develop custom made software solutions based on the Microsoft Stack.


You can hire use to help you deliver your project or to build great software solutions.


Some of our projects.




Orchard CMS

Quant Investing




VitalHealth Software


Your Garden Hoveniers


About Us

Who is Konstrui?

Konstrui | things for the web

We are a company that consists of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who like to serve our customers. We build things for the web and try to help each other to fully achieve are goals.

Sitefinity CMS

We are focusing on developing Sitefinity web applications. Our experience as Sitefinity Solution Developers began when the Telerik RadControls suite and Sitefinity first came out. Besides that we are also trained on the Microsoft .NET Stack and call ourselves Agile enthusiasts.

Orchard CMS

Another platform we develop for is called Orchard. This open-source CMS system is highly flexible and designed as a modular system which can be used for simple websites as well as foundation for more complex, enterprise-like systems.

We enjoy looking at problems from different angles, and finding unique technological solutions that meet the needs of customers. Online services are becoming more complex every day. That’s why it is important to stay on the cutting edge offer a full range of services on both open source and Microsoft platforms, so we can serve a variety of businesses with customized solutions.

Our Clients

Some of our most valued clients

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